What do I hate most about the dating world?

OK, so this is an excellent topic Because in today’s age. The “talking stage” versus dating has gone into one group. People don’t separate those two terms and to be honest with you, I never really understood the “talking stage”. I felt like during the talking stage we are still technically friends or becoming friends, so. And potentially that friendship can become a relationship, but I never understood that term of oh, I’m talking to so and so. So I’m kind of off limits. I don’t know. I’m still confused about that term, but anyways. This actually brings me to my first point of one of the things that I hate about the dating stage is that there’s no more actually getting to know people.


There’s like a surface level type of getting to know someone. What I mean by that is, they always start off with the basic questions, favorite colors, favorite thing to eat, what you don’t like to eat, favorite thing to do? Hobbies, what do you do for work? Those kind of questions are like very service level is what I call them versus deeper questions such as, what are your goals? Future, present, whatever. What are your views on this particular thing? And I’m not saying that you have to talk about this at the beginning, of course not, you just do simple fun things in the beginning. But if it’s become in my opinion it’s become more than a week two weeks you should start developing into more deeper conversations not just I don’t like seafood at week two. No, that’s that’s ridiculous. Especially at my age now that’s not gonna cut it. There should be more to the conversation other than just Likes and dislikes.

Another thing I don’t like about the dating world in today’s time is that people seem like they’re just dating to date for right now and not dating for a future. And now I know people are going to automatically assume I’m talking about marriage. I’m not talking about marriage because marriage is not in everybody’s mindset. I’m talking more of if you are going to meeting someone, and actually want to be in a relationship, that a long term relationship is something I want.

I was most recently speaking to this guy and we were just talking about life and all the craziness going on in the world and about past relationships and things that went wrong and what could have been changed things like that. And he was talking about his recent relationship. And he mentioned that he was talking to this girl. But had no true intentions of being with her like seeing a life with her. And so me being me, I said that and I was like, so you were talking to her and chilling with her and things like that and you didn’t see a future with her? He’s like no, I didn’t even see a whole month with her. And in my head I’m like. So what’s the point? Why would you waste her time and your time talking to each other. And not see anything beyond a month. That’s crazy. Dating isn’t just a game. It should mean so much more than that because you’re trying to find a partner, a best friend, Someone who. You know will be there for you besides family. If you can include family, but that’s a whole other conversation. I just feel like don’t don’t date me because you’re bored if you’re bored, go outside, go to the park, play basketball. Don’t date me because you’re bored.


One last thing I hate about Dating in today’s Time is that, When you’re dating someone and you are boyfriend and girlfriend, It doesn’t seem as genuine anymore. It seems. Not for all, but for most for like. For the show. What I mean by that is. It’s not coming from a place where your significant other is actually invested into the relationship. Actually invested in getting to know you. People want to be boyfriend and girlfriend but don’t want to either one give each other that title or two actually know what that title means. So for instance, most guys want a girlfriend But a Wife at the same time. So it’s like it feels like their rushing it. They want a girlfriend to be their friend, hang out, whatever but they also want say the Cleaning, cooking and the sexual things to. Financial stability, living together, all of the things together to me scream wife. And if a boyfriend gets all of those things now, what makes you think he will put a ring on your finger.

I feel like today’s age when people hear boyfriend girlfriend, They just hear friend. They don’t understand that a boyfriend/girlfriend can potentially turn into a life partner. And I think that’s what scares some of the new generation. A lot of this new generation can’t really see themselves with someone for the rest of their lives. Just one person. And so they venture out and have fun. As much as they can, even with a title attached sometimes and then expect the other party to be OK with it. Millennials are still trying to find that special Spark, special connection and it is getting scarier and scarier from all the social media and things you see online And not really many choices out there. Not saying they aren’t out there, but I’m just saying it is just seems almost gone and you have to pretty be a detective to find your special someone.


Now, I’m not saying give up dating at all. Of course not. Of course, continue to find your partner, but all I’m saying is, be careful. When you do online and in person.

So yeah guys. So those were my three things that I do not like about the dating world in this time. And I hope you enjoy the read. Comment below what are your opinions on dating in today’s time?

Piece and love. Forever written. ❤️