Places I want to visit

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Now I know there is a whole virus going on in the world today, but a girl can image right? I’m not like a world traveler, but I’ve been blessed to have seen quite a few places. Below are the places I want to explore one day. Comment your favorites!


I have always wanted to go on a true African safari. To see the animals in their natural habitat, living life plus the culture there is amazing. I like learning new things, so when the movie Black Panther came out, and I saw the different tribes, I wanted to know if they were real and they are. Each one of the different tribes represents something specific to them. I found that to be so interesting and would love to see that in real life. I also have a thing for nature and beautiful landscapes since I do live in a busy city area. I feel like it is so peaceful and calming there.

Washington D.C

Now, I know what you may thinking and it is now for that reason. I want to go to Washington D.C. because of the many museums they have. As I mentioned before, I love learning new things, so museums excite me because there are so many new things to learn and explore. One place I want to see in particular is the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I have never heard of this place until I watched Night of the museum 2 I believe. It looked so cool and huge! One day I will be there.

New York City

Oh New York. I am not gonna lie, I’ve been wanting to go to New York ever since Home Alone. It has always seem like a very big place with SO much to do. From plays, to shopping, to different monuments to explore. Especially time square. All the lights and attractions. Oh , don’t forget about the subways. I know they are not the ideal transportation and all that exciting, but for someone who isn’t from there, it is. Can’t wait to visit here

Las Vegas

Last but not least, Las Vegas. Similar to New York, all the lights and attractions have drawn my attention to explore all of what’s its about. One of my favorite movies Step Up All In, made it even more real for me. Seeing them having fun roaming the streets of Vegas was my dream for my friends and I and I cannot wait to do that with them. Plus hitting up the casino wouldn’t hurt too much would it? 

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