When I wake up in the morning, how do I want to feel?

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Me not being a morning person to begin with, I would like to feel… well rested. I 

would like to be able to wake up in the morning and have the awesome energy to get and begin my day instead of being woken up which is a really big pet peeve of mine. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t mind being woken up if it is an emergency going on, but for others to completely disregard your sleep is mind blowing to me because I try to be the most quietest person when someone else is sleeping. I think that it is SO rude to just be a loud person or do things in a loud way when you know someone is asleep. And it almost makes it feel as though that person is probably doing it on purpose, even though they probably aren’t. 


I would also like to feel more happier. Getting up in the mornings is a slow process for me to get myself together, emotions wise because most nights, I do not get the proper amount of sleep to begin with and when I get up to start my day, I still feel like and wish I had more sleep time. I wish I could just wake up , not with a whole lot of energy but, more smiles because I am definitely grateful I was able to see another day, but I want my body to feel the same. 

Lastly, I would like to feel… at ease. I sometimes feel like I am in a rush to do something or get myself together when I work from home and woke up early enough to start my job on time, but idk it feel like my brain is going at 100 miles an hour and my body is trying to catch up. But it is probably because I end to overthink a lot being the introvert that I am.   :/

I know one day I will have the “perfect” morning routine once my situation gets better, so I will keep my head up and keep it moving. 

Hope you enjoyed the read. 🙂 How would you wish to feel in the morning? Comment below!

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