Forever Written is to share my love for writing.

Hi, I’m Gina, an aspiring blogger, graphic designer, and Virtual Assistant, who not only loves to create but to share my thoughts and ideas. Hope you enjoy the reads.

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Let’s talk about Fiverr

Hey! Welcome to my blog journal. Today I am sharing with you my experience with the program Fiverr. Forever Written uses affiliate links to earn a small commission when you make a purchase through my site. Every little penny helps. You can learn more here. What is Fiverr? Fiverr is an online program where you … Continue reading Let’s talk about Fiverr

It should work both ways

Now this post kind of ties into one of my previous posts, “Should a man have to pay for every date?” piggy backing off of that, In my opinion, I feel as though guys like to be spoiled and have surprises too. It almost seems as though, especially in my generation that a guy is … Continue reading It should work both ways


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